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Kayako Johnson

Liz Faublas

Barnitra Robinson

When I came to Women's Health and Fitness Center I just expected to exercise and get in shape, but little did I know that my soul and spirit needed help too! Once I got there I quickly found that the spirit of the Lord was there and I also received ministry to my heart from all of the ladies and Felicia. It's true what they say "One word can heal" and that is so true. Felicia always yells out during the workout, "I'm not tired yet!!" That one statement pushes me to the next level; in my workout and in my personal life. God ministers through her to me on so many occasions. I believe that happens because she loves and prays for every woman that comes through the door at WHFC. I love this place❤️.

A personal experience each time. No matter how many people are in the class Felicia makes you feel like the training is customized for you! But what sets The Women's Health Center apart from all others is you transform mentally, spiritually AND physically! The benefits are long term and healing. I love this fitness center and proud to be a Pink Room warrior and sister!

You don't know what a body building expert can do for you! Although, my goal is to lose weight and become fit, Ms. Felicia has by far exceeded my expectations as a trainer. She is very knowledgeable about food & nutrition. I'm gaining core strength to help me overcome arthritic joint pain. Everyone was great and supportive. Training at The Women's Health and Fitness Center is an awesome experience!

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