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The Pink Room Warriors & The Women's Health & Fitness Center


PRW Transformation at Sea 2024


It was important to me that all women get an opportunity to shine, to show off the hard work they put in at the gym. As a fitness competitor, I know that all women are not interested in wearing a little tiny bikini, but they deserve to be celebrated. So, I introduce to you PRW Transformation.  


Have you had a life-altering illness? You have struggled in an area that you thought you would not survive? Has your weight held you back? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this competition is for you.


Transformation is your time to shine, your time to celebrate with your family and friends.


This is your year to shine and show the world how GOD has transformed you from the inside out. 


Each participant must lose up to and over 20 pounds to grace the stage.


You will be participating in PRW Transformation 2022. Sponsored by The Women’s Health and Fitness Center.


The competitors will be broken into age categories.



  1. Team

  2. Theme

  3. Evening Gown

  4. I Want Muscles

  5. The Journey Continues

  6. Overall

  7. Mommie & Me

  8. I'm A Survivor

Must be 21 years or older to compete. 


Transforamtion at Sea 2024.jpg


When is Transformation 2024?
July 11 th – 15 th 2024

Where will the Transformation Show be held?
On The Carnival Cruise - The Breeze

How old do I need to be to participate?

21 years old

How much weight do I have to lose to participate in Transformation?
No less than 10Lbs and the final weigh in will be 2 weeks before we leave on the cruise.

When does registration start, how much is registration, and when do I weigh in?
Registration officially start now and you weigh in when you pay, which is a $75.00 nonrefundable fee.





Each participant will need to lose 10lbs and you do not have to be a member of The Women’s Health and Fitness Center nor workout at our facility. You can train anywhere with anyone. If you need our assistance, our trainers are available for you.

I am excited to announce we have a category called "I Want Muscles" for those ladies that do not need or want to lose weight but want to add more muscle to their physique.

Remember…. Transformation is open for any and every one that is interested in taking this journey of change with us, so please spread the word. We will meet via zoom monthly to make sure everyone stays on point, and we will have leaders that will be available to assist you as well.


These will be past Transformation participants as well as trainers.

Participants will be broken into teams by age, once on the ship we will have a 2-part show.


Part 1 will be Thursday Night – Attire Evening Gown

You will enter with your age group an introduce yourself and you will 3 minutes to tell us 3 main points about you. If you go over your 3 minutes points will be deducted.

This will be one of our judging sessions.


Part 2 will be Friday (Time to be determined)

Your attire will be either swim wear, athletic attire or fun in the sun wear……Your choice.

You will come out again with your age group. After each group comes out, it is trophy time.

Each participant will be awarded a trophy and we will announce the overall winner in each age group.



Felicia White 832-752-5805,

Kay Johnson 281-883-7545,

Edricka Green 770-843+0034, and

Tina Doyle 713-397-9356 are all available if you need assistance.


To book a cabin contact

Felicia White 832-752-5805 /

or Jan Taylor 832-6210901 /


Interested in being a Sponsor contact

Toya Shepard 281-773-5069 /


Please send all before pictures and one paragraph Bio to

Jan Taylor /

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