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Felicia is a world-renowned fitness expert, award winning body builder, Power lifter and certified nutrition expert. She is a leader in the art of transforming women’s bodies and educating her clients about the benefits of developing their mental and spiritual capabilities. To date Felicia has competed in several body building competitions and has won 24 trophies.



Cheryl, a personal trainer with The Women’s Health and Fitness Center for over 2 years and will not let her clients give up!! One
of her greatest accomplishments is winning Transformation 2020, which fosters her desire to help others transform their lives.




Stacy began her fitness journey at the YMCA as a participant in various exercise classes slowly graduating into becoming a certified instructor of Body Step, Body Pump, and Water Aerobics.  


After joining the WHFC she found that she could help people on a more personal level of fitness by becoming a personal trainer, birthing her business, "Mind Your Fitness".  Through training, Stacy encourages her clients to embrace the concept of 20% of your work out, 80% of your food, and 100% mindset to accomplish their fitness goals.  



Kayako is a personal trainer at the WHFC whose training program, FitU transform the spirit, body and soul, personal training, all natural juices and nutrition classes help keep the 'body' fit..



Is a Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Body Wrap Technician. I incorporate personal training, body wrap, cellulite massage, and weight-loss vibration plate together to maximize your desired results. Because I love music and dance,  I teach a workout shuffle class for those who want a fun and exciting alternative to burn calories and lose weight.

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