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Felicia Lee-White 

A woman who has defied the odds!

A woman destined for greatness and determined to impact the world!

Felicia Lee-White… driven by purpose and tenacity, is a recovering drug addict of twenty-four years. Felicia searched within the inner core of her soul to recreate a life that was once filled with darkness. Today, she is a light, shining bright and bringing life and purpose to others.

After losing her mother to Lupus, Felicia began a weight loss and fitness journey during her recovery process. Her dedication and resilience caused the owner of the gym, John Mitchell, to suggest that she train other women.

As an avid visionary, Felicia went a step further and opened “The Women’s Health and Fitness Center,” where she caters to the mind, body, soul, and spirit of women.

Felicia is a world-renowned fitness expert, award-winning bodybuilder, Powerlifter and certified nutrition expert. She is a leader in the art of transforming women’s bodies and educating her clients about the benefits of developing their mental and spiritual capabilities. To date, Felicia has competed in several bodybuilding competitions and has won 24 trophies.

In December 2017, Felicia closed one chapter of her life by retiring from bodybuilding to begin a new chapter as an author and motivational speaker. Felicia relived her dreadful past, with the purpose of telling her truth in hopes that it would deliver and set others free from addictions. In November 2017, Felicia released her first book, “From Recovery to Discovery” which paints a very raw picture of her journey through drug addiction.

Felicia is also known for her expertise in credit repair, which prompted her to begin a credit repair business and trucking company during her recovery process. Her unique business savvy has now propelled her to create “Feline Fitness Apparel,” a women’s fitness clothing line.

Felicia Lee-White is the embodiment of hard work, dedication, and a made-up mind. Every day she strives to be a living witness that all things are possible with God if you first believe in Him and then in yourself.

During this next phase of her life, Felicia is creating platforms that will allow her the opportunity to be an international motivational speaker and author. Felicia is the proud mother of one son, Donte, and is a proud grannie to her adorable granddaughter, Cupcake.

Felicia was highlighted in the Houston Chronicle in 2019.


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