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My name is Alisa Reese .

 I took the initiative to change my life by undergoing Bariatric Surgery. My surgery was a success, but there is life after the surgery. What is supposed to be the beginning of a new life, can also pose a number of challenges. Training 4 Your Life is a program designed to help you before and after the surgery.  

Bariatric Health & Wellness Program

After weight loss surgery comes another important phase in the bariatric surgery aftercare process. Aftercare is the process of monitoring your progress and helping you reach your goal weight in the healthiest way possible. Following bariatric surgery, you are advised to follow a strict discipline in regards to your diet and general lifestyle.


Our aftercare certified trainers at The Women's Health and Fitness Center will help ensure that you are on track to lose weight and reduce the health risks associated with bariatric surgery. The program is to designed to


  • Help you during the decision-making process

  • Help with emotional/psychological changes post-op

  • Help you lose & maintain weight

  • Help improve overall health and physical body

  • Help integrate a healthy Lifestyle after surgery 



Find Your Strenght & Commit To Be Fit!

Deciding On Surgery

Let’s be honest! Losing weight is not the easiest thing to do. There are so many elements to losing weight…exercising, changing your diet, just being dedicated to a total life change. For many the commitment to lose weight the “natural way” has been complicated, therefore, now we have the option of weight loss surgery. There are many reasons to consider the surgery but saving your life should be the #1 reason. Though a life-saving alternative, it can cause you to pose several questions and have some doubts and fears. The Training 4 Your Life Program will help you in your decision making process and walk you through the steps of what you can expect to face during your pre/post-surgery journey.


Before choosing to have bariatric surgery, there are many who make attempts to commit to working out at the gym. Well, in most cases, there hearts are in the right place, but they battle with a lack of energy and motivation. Making a commitment to work out can be very challenging, especially after underdoing bariatric surgery. At Training 4 Your Life, we have partnered with The Women’s Health and Fitness Center to provide you with professional fitness training that is guaranteed to transform your post-surgery body.



Having Bariatric Surgery is just one phase of the weight loss journey. Yes, fitness is an important element, but what we eat is key to the surgery being a complete success. This requires nutritional discipline to ensure that we don’t resort back to any old eating habits. We must eat to live and not live to eat. Through the Training 4 Your Life Program you will receive one-on-one support from top nutritionist to aide you in creating the nutrition plan designed specifically for you.

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